Start fundraising today to make an even bigger impact for patients and families affected by histiocytic disorders!

1. Register a Campsite, join an established campsite or add an additional campsite if you're joining a team from a different location!

2. Once registered, login to your Camp Out for Histio fundraising page

3. Ask your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to support your efforts by sharing your fundraising page over email, text or give them a call

4. Share your efforts on social media to let your network know that you’re Camping Out for Histio to help make a difference in the lives of patients and
    families impacted by histiocytic disorders!

We encourage campers to post pics of yourself and your campsite to share with your friends and family to inspire additional fundraising support throughout the night.

****NEW THIS YEAR**** 

All teams that raise $500 by July 25th will be entered into a drawing to win this prize!!!