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Histio Warrior/Ambassador. Passion. Inspiration.

Hi, I am Lindsey Nelson. I am a twenty-one-year-old nursing student at New York University. I was four years old, about to turn five, when I was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) in my skull. I was very fortunate because the tumor was removed with surgery, and I haven’t had any complications since the procedure. Doctors inserted a bone plate and four screws to cover the void in my skull.   

I am incredibly grateful to be connected to this special, rare disease community. For many years until I contacted the Association, I had never met anyone who had fought histiocytosis, like me. Being able to talk to other Histio Warriors and hear their stories has sparked a new flame inside of me. As a nursing student who plans to specialize in pediatric oncology upon graduating, Histio Warriors are a source of inspiration for me. They are truly incredible, strong people. I want to help treat and care for these patients in the future.   

I also want to offer words of hope to the Histio community…

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others - Histio Warriors and/or caretakers. Histiocytosis is an emotionally challenging and isolating disease, so support is essential. There are many resources available on the Histiocytosis Association website. I also want to encourage all Histio Warriors to continue to have hope and never stop reaching for your goals. Although histiocytosis was a speed bump for me and my family, I believe my experiences in the hospital made me a more empathetic, caring person who strives to live life to the fullest.