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Hudson's Story

Hudson was diagnosed with Rosai dorfman disease (RDD) at 8 months old after having an enlarged lymph node surgically removed from his groin. Shortly after Hudson's diagnosis, several more enlarged lymph nodes were discovered in his groin, but due to the rarity of his disease, his oncologist was not familiar with RDD and did not take his parents' concerns seriously.

After reaching out and requesting help from a histio specialist at Texas Children's Hospital, Hudson finally had another PET scan, and it was discovered that another surgery was needed in order to remove the enlarged lymph nodes. Hudson underwent his second surgery at 13months old and thankfully has not needed another one since. His parents ended up relocating their family to Texas in order for Hudson to be under the direct care of a histio specialist and they are happy to report that his RDD has not re-occurred.

Hudson is now a happy, healthy, & very active 4-year-old! He enjoys spending time with his older siblings and playing T-ball, swimming, coloring, catching frogs & lizards with his big sister, and playing in the sand at the beach.

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