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Christopher's Story

My first born, Christopher, was diagnosed with HLH when he was just eight weeks old.  At six weeks old, it started with high fevers that would come and go.  After two weeks of these fevers, and being told it was just an ear infection, we were finally referred to a Children's hospital.  A doctor Eastman was the one who diagnosed him with HLH.  Christopher needed immediate blood and palette transfusions.  Started him right away on chemotherapy. 

At 13 months old they decided to to a bone marrow transplant.  There was CNS involved with his HLH and at just 15 months old, Christopher passed away due to multi-organ failure, due to the HLH.

He has three other siblings, Logan, Kharisma, and Trystan, who all have battled HLH and are featured as honorary team captains for this event.

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