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Trystan's Story 

Trystan is the youngest of four children (all of whom were diagnosed with HLH).

Trystan was diagnosed at birth with HLH and went in for a lifesaving bone marrow transplant when he was four months old.  His regime was much lighter, and he did well through his transplant.  After going home, Trystan developed GVH at eight months old and we almost lost him.  Luckily the high dose of IV steroids help to reverse the GVH.  He had to have many rounds of IVIG to bring his donor cell count up. 

He still struggles with a very low donor level.  He has had two flair ups, first due to covid but we aren't sure of the cause of the second flair up.  At this point we are told that Trystan will eventually need a second bone marrow transplant to fix his engraftment.

Trystan is 13 years post-transplant and is the youngest brother to HLH angels, Christopher and Logan, and HLH warrior, Kharisma. 

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