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Kharisma's Story 


My daughter, Kharisma, was born after the loss of my first-born son, Christopher (HLH angel who is also featured as honorary team captain). Kharisma was originally screened at birth for HLH, and I was told she was healthy but that was not the case. 

At 4 weeks old, she also having fevers like her brother had.  By the time Kharisma was three months old, she went to transplant for HLH.  She had many scary moments, and I wasn't sure she would make it.  Thankfully, when she was about six months old, Kharisma was released from the hospital and has been doing well ever since.  She is now 20 years post-transplant.

Kharisma is the sister to three other honorary team captains, Christopher (HLH angel), Logan (HLH angel), and Trystan (HLH warrior).

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