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Josh's Story 

It started with a biopsy, surgery on my head which I must admit I was scared for. After the biopsy was complete, I struggled to do basic functions like getting out of bed and moving around my house. Shortly after regaining some of those functions and getting back to my normal life I received the call that my tumor was cancerous. After trips to Sloan-Kettering and Dana Farber we were able to come up with a treatment plan best suited for someone my age to get through this with the best possible health for future years to come. It was a frustrating period as it took almost 4 months from the time of diagnosis to the time of the first treatment, but a positive attitude kept me going. There hasn't been a day that I've allowed cancer to beat me. I've always known that I will get through this soon enough and tend to keep stronger than those around me. I made a commitment to my personal health that I would get into the gym almost every day to improve my physical health while making sure I never allow my mental health to deteriorate. Through this my friends and family have seen how strong I am, and I hope this brings them comfort in knowing that I am bigger than Langerhans and everything it can do to me. 


Today I am in the best physical shape I've ever been in, and my mental health has improved as well. I am approaching year 3 of being cancer free. This journey has always been easy for me to discuss which is why I would like to be a public speaker in time. Every cancer patient has the ability to impact people's lives but for good reason many of us don't want to speak on this pain. As someone who's fortunate enough to speak freely about myself, my mission today is to use the pain I endured both inside and outside of cancer to help others in living better lives. As a child I always seemed to understand better when there was a story involved, it's part of why I want to make my story known and hopefully inspire a community of people.

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