Taking the Plunge for Histio 2017

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January 1, 2017

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I am raising critical funds for histiocytic disorders.


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For the last 4 years have joined a Milwaukee tradition of 100's of people heading downtown to Bradford Beach on January 1st. Then at noon a loud bell is rung and everyone runs into Lake Michigan. I decided that I would do it and raise money for Histiocytosis at the same time.  You can help me reach my goal by donating and by joining me on January 1st 2017.  I would love the company as we all rush in (and out) of great big Lake Michigan.  If you are interested in joining me you can email me at pulling4kids@gmail.com and I will get the details out to you about where and time to meet.


I was born on September 14th, 1998. In my first eight weeks of life I had 13 visits to either the doctor, urgent care or an emergency room.  This included a 3 day hospital stay because of an uncontrollable fever of 104.  During those first 8 weeks I had several spinal taps, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI’s, bone marrow biopsies, a liver biopsy and way too many blood tests to count.  At one point my veins were so hard to find that I had to have an IV put into the vein in my head.  The doctors at Children’s Hospital were baffled until one oncologist remembered that a colleague of hers from the University of Minnesota Hospital was doing research into a rare blood disease.  She contacted him in his home country of the Netherlands.  She sent him all of my test results and after a conference call they came to my diagnoses.  I was then diagnosed with multisystem Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, also referred to as LCH.  The diagnosis was scary for my parents; however, it came just in time as my liver had swollen to the size of a NFL football and the only way to hold me was if I was lying on a pillow with nobody touching me.  I had a Central Venus Line put in my chest for the medication and started chemotherapy at nine weeks old.  If it wasn’t for that oncologist I may not be here today.


Histiocytic disorders are a group of diseases that occur when there is an over-production of white blood cells known as histiocytes that can lead to organ damage and tumor formation. This group is made up of a wide variety of conditions that can affect both children and adults.


While the search for more effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure continues, the Histiocytosis Association is dedicated to supporting and empowering the patients and families who live with these devastating diseases every day.


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