Stephanie's Story

Thank you so much for being  a part of my fundraising journey. Here is a bit of my story:

At three months old, my family discovered a rash, along with gastrointestinal issues .My beginnings with LCH were scary, as there were many unknowns and it took a while for doctors to find a diagnosis. Finally, a resident at Children's Hospital of Chicago discovered that my symptoms were consistent with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. I had been unable to eat and putting in the first IV needle was critical to my survival. Mydoctors and nurses acted fast and I was treated with chemo for about a year. While some thought I might not have a long lifespan, others were hopeful and 100% committed to finding me the best care. My parents worked tirelessly to make sure that I was getting around the clock care.

I was off chemo by my first birthday and have been in remission since I was around two years old. I grew up to be a healthy and happy person with a very full life.

Today, I enjoy pushing my body to do things like running races and triathlons, which makes this event perfect for me and all my friends who enjoy running as much as I do. 

Every day, I celebrate what my body is capable of, and I look forward to celebrating that with you too!

Event Details

My Dad and I wanted to come up with something that would make this more than just another run through Citizen's Park. This will be between 3 and 5 miles - you can choose. We will start randomly, and you will choose the pace you will run. No watches! The person closest to the pace they chose wins a prize! So it doesn't matter if you're the fastest - the slowest person might be the winner! All are welcome, young and old. It doesn't have to just be serious runners - walking/crawling is welcome too!

Date/Time: Sunday, September 25 at 9am

Location: Citizen's Park, Barrington



Team Members