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Step 1: Register to Run/Walk

Register early! Everyone who registers by August 20th will receive a silicone Histio Awareness Wristband in their "swag bag".

Link to register is down below!

Step 2: Customize your Run


► Come out and run with us at our NYC Histio Blue Ribbon Run on 9/24 in Astoria Park
(Come for the Histio Patient and Family Conference in NYC on Saturday, September 23rd, and stay for the Run)

► Run with Histio Warrior Lindsey and Bridge Runners in NYC on Wednesdays in September
► Organize a team run in your own community
► Pound the pavement or burn up some miles on the treadmill
► Dash, jog, sprint, scamper, trot, or WALK

Add a Challenge
Here are a few ideas, but the sky’s the limit…

► Set a goal to Run/Walk # of bridge spans
► # of miles day/week
► Run/Walk every day in September
► Tell # people about histio on your "travels"
► Unique ways to spread Histio Awareness and raise money while on your run

Step 3: Start raising funds and awareness

We make it easy for Histio Blue Ribbon Run participants to jump-start their efforts with a personal fundraising page and helpful tips and tools like Facebook fundraisers.

► Add your photo, Histio story, and how you plan to participate on your fundraising page
► Share your fundraising page with family, and friends, and on social media

► Create a Facebook Fundraiser that connects directly with your Histio Blue Ribbon Run fundraising page
► Make a personal donation and submit it for a company match
► Host a yard sale, bake sale, or lemonade stand

Step 4: Share Your Passion

► Invite your friends, family, co-workers, and community to join the run and help spread histio awareness
► Share your personal run (and challenge) on social media and on your personal fundraising page
► Tell us where you’re running and if you chose a challenge
► All runners/walkers are encouraged to wear their finest blue gear and official bib and hit the pavement to spread histio awareness.

► Send us your photos, comments, and updates as you complete your 'challenge' all month long!

► Tag us on social media #HistioBlueRibbonRun, #histiorunchallenge, #histiocytosisawareness, #iknowhistio

Run with it….

Have FUN and know that every step of the way you’re helping us move closer to a world free of histiocytic disorders!