Join together as a community all throughout Histiocytosis Awareness Month and raise awareness and funds for those impacted by histiocytic disorders.

Easy Ways to Fundraise

► Share your fundraising page with family, friends, and on social media
► Create a Facebook Fundraiser that connects directly with your personal/team Histio Blue Ribbon Run fundraising page
► Make a personal donation and submit for a company match
► Host a yard sale, bake sale or lemonade stand

Fundraising Prizes

Who doesn't like a little swag?!!

All participants are encouraged to fundraise and are eligible for these great prizes.

► Register by August 20th → Receive a silicone Histio wristband 

► Raise   $100   → Histio Blue Ribbon Run medal

► Raise   $500   → Histio Blue Ribbon Run medal and Windjammer Tote Bag

► Raise $1000+ → Histio Blue Ribbon Run medal, Windjammer Tote Bag and Histio Sweatshirt

Thank you for your participation and efforts on behalf of the children and adults affected by histiocytic disorders.