My 'vision' is to spread awareness about Histiocytosis and raise necessary funds for research.

Bridge Runners came to mind because it is a group of like-minded individuals who have great energy and explore NYC by running over bridges and the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Running over bridges is symbolic in the sense that bridges represent union of two realms, or a transition from one location to another. Similarly in histiocytosis, we are attempting to find a cure and, therefore, bridge the gaps of research and funding in order to get there. The Bridge Runner's are an important part of NYC, and will help give visibility to our cause. 



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If you're in the NYC area, join me and Bridge Runners on Wednesday, September 7th when we'll run to raise awareness and funds for histio. - Lindsey


For more information on how you can join Lindsey, contact us for 'meet up' information at