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We're running 50 miles to help find a cure for Histiocytosis!

A personal campaign sponsored by Brent Heimlich

April 28, 2018

Support Me

As most of you know, Jenny and I have gotten quite into this whole running thing. With 8 marathons and one ultramarathon under our belts, we have decided to see just how far we can push it. So... 

We signed up for a 50-mile trail race on April 28 down near Washington, DC. 

Since this will be the longest race  ̶w̶e̶'̶v̶e̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶e̶  we are attempting to do :) thus far, we figured this time we'd try to raise money for a cause we both believe in. 

So we will be running to raise funds to find a cure for histiocytic disorders.

Histiocytic disorders are a group of diseases that occur when there is an over-production of white blood cells known as histiocytes that can lead to organ damage and tumor formation. This makes up a wide variety of conditions that can affect both children and adults.

I actually have a specific one called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) for which I have had 5 surgeries throughout my life (thankfully LCH-free since 2007).

And Jenny actually has a cousin whose son unfortunately has been diagnosed as well.

The incidence in kids is about 1 in 200,000 whereas in adults it's even rarer (well under 2 in a million). Needless to say, it doesn't get very much publicity and more importantly, receives little-to-no funding, which is why we have chosen to support this cause. 100% of all proceeds raised will go directly to the Histiocytosis Association

While the search for more effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure continues, the Histiocytosis Association is dedicated to supporting and empowering the patients and families who live with these devastating diseases every day.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal. Every little bit helps!

Thank you for your support.